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TECHNICAL NOTES Crops are constantly subjected to multiple adverse events (climate, pests,…) that can decrease yields or create developmental problems, particularly when crops are grown intensively by maximizing the productive potential of the environment and crops. To avoid these drawbacks, crop metabolism can be intervened with specific substances with biostimulant and physio-nutritional actions. These act within the crops directly on the nutritional and growth mechanisms. Balanced vegetative-productive development is thus ensured for the crop, preventing stunts and slowdowns in development or allowing them to be overcome very quickly if they are already in place. To be effective on plant metabolism, biostimulants and physionutrients must be composed of biochemically active natural organic substances capable of readily inserting themselves into vital processes. That is, they must act directly as bases for the production of endogenous enzymes. BIOSTIMULATING action is exerted directly on plant cells that are induced to optimal protein synthesis, with increased production of vital proteins and enzymes. This mechanism is the basis of the PHYSIONUTRITIONAL action in that it directly and indirectly predisposes the crop to the best conditions for the uptake of nutrients and their targeted utilization. According to the specific uses of these products and to the peculiar and studied dosage of the components in the production process, SCAM proposes biostimulant and phyionutritional specialties of sure efficacy, with characteristics and contents targeted to the use for which they are intended. Biostimulants and physio-nutrients can be brought to plants: BY THE LEAF WAY they immediately enter the cell juice, increasing the concentration of active organic components and growth substances that allow plants to synthesize the enzymes they need and to direct metabolism. They also have strong carrier power. BY RADICAL WAY they act by reactivating the metabolic activity of microorganisms in the soil and increasing potential basic fertility. They also perform intense chelating activity by promoting nutrient utilization. SCAM BIOSTIMULANTS AND PHYSIO-NUTRIENTS SCAM biostimulants and physio-nutrients are particularly effective because they have as their basic natural organic components laevorotatory amino acids and low molecular weight polypeptides, essential constituents for enzyme synthesis. Their studied composition is complemented by the presence of humic acids, extracts from humified peat, leonardite and phytohormones, which act as natural enzyme triggers so as to promote better and faster utilization of amino acids and to increase enzymatic and vital activity within the crop tissues. They are all in liquid formulation so as to be more convenient to use. BENEFITS The main functions are:
  • Action on crop metabolism, that is, directly on nutritional and growth mechanisms.
  • Balanced vegetative-productive development, avoiding stalling and slowing down of development.
The use of such products can be expected in the following situations:
  • Stressed crops: in situations of metabolic blockage, plants do not have sufficient vital energy to feed themselves, activate biochemical processes and form the enzymes necessary for production. Therefore, such products provide crops with substances that reactivate and accelerate metabolism.
  • Crops with high production loads: the plant cannot produce in sufficient quantities all the metabolites and enzymes needed to meet maximum productivity. With the use of SCAM physio-nutritional biostimulants, the crop will have the missing substances available to complete production.
  • Abnormally developing crops: keeping the crop fed with physio-nutritional biostimulants avoids stress and ensures regular completion of the production cycle. Optimal production in quantity and quality is thus guaranteed.
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