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Global agriculture is facing a major challenge to ensure food security for a growing world population with a need to increase global agricultural production by about 60% by 2050 (Tilman et al., 2011). The use of fertilizers containing N, P and K is essential to support crop productivity, but their poor nutritional efficiency produces important ecological as well as economic consequences.

The topic of SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE with the implementation of the EUROPEAN GREEN DEAL is today a priority for the agro-industrial chains and for the final consumer. In this approach the theme of soil fertility, soil protection and the saving of carbon dioxide emissions are now topics of particular interest for those products that are most perceived as associated with the territories of cultivation, such as wine, pasta and all the food that is present daily on our tables. The improvement of soil fertility is also a topic of particular interest in light of the macro-variables related to the needs of global food production. The results of the field trials have shown the numerous benefits associated with the Organic-Mineral fertilization with humified matrix SCAM (characterized by EPD certified environmental declaration) that allows at the same time to improve the productivity with a lower contribution of substances and with a consequent saving in terms of time and costs, with an average improvement of the agricultural PLV of 7/12%.

The Organo-Mineral Fertilizers with humified matrix SCAM represent therefore also in this

The SCAM Organic-Mineral Fertilizers represent also in this context the link for a new communication paradigm that highlights how a healthy soil is the basis for the production of healthy food.

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Our logo Sustainability

This logo is intended to visually represent and summarize SCAM’s commitment within the agro-industrial supply chain, which must be increasingly characterized by the concepts of INTEGRATED PRODUCTION and SUSTAINABILITY.

  • Sustainability in being a production site that is attentive to the surrounding area
  • Sustainability in the use phase thanks to the Organo-Mineral fertilizers with humified matrix, which have a low environmental impact and are effective from an agronomic point of view, as shown by studies and experiments
  • Sustainability for the farmer because he will be able to obtain excellent final agricultural products with high quality and quantity characteristics
  • Sustainability for the agro-food industries that transform agricultural products into wine, oil, pasta, pastes, sweets, etc.
    Sustainability for the final consumer who will have foodstuffs characterized by high organoleptic and healthy characteristics
  • SCAM Organo-Mineral fertilizers are with gradual release nitrogen because they declare the content in Humic/Fulvic Carbon and the rate of Humification, as required by the regional regulations
  • Furthermore, SCAM Organo-Mineral fertilizers are the only ones with a certified environmental product declaration (EPD).