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Since its origins, the different lines of SCAM products placed on the agro-industrial market have been developed aiming at the realization of suitable solutions for sustainable and green agriculture, to protect the environment for future generations and designed to ensure high final production of plants, protection for workers and end-users.
Out of this commitment comes all the SCAM products lines, like a special fertilizers for the agrifood chain.

The SCAM product catalogue consists of Organo-Mineral Fertilizers, liquid, and water-soluble Fertilizers (WSF) for Fertigation/foliar applications and biostimulants suitable for the treatment of the different crops of the food chain. The products are adequate market and stakeholder needs.

SCAM, thanks to investments in research and development, has been able to develop integrated solutions for the nutrition of agricultural crops, allowing to increase their productive and qualitative results.

Whether you are looking for biostimulants or fertilizers for the agrifood chain, SCAM offers products suitable for professional vegetal nutrition, with a high protective effect and recommended for those involved in organic farming.
Find out more about the different product lines marketed by SCAM and find the one that best suits your agricultural needs.