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Preparation of the mixture

The preparation of the mixture is a very delicate stage to which the success of the treatment is often linked. The combination of several agrochemicals must also be carried out carefully after making sure that there are no incompatibility problems between the products used. Phenomena such as failure to solubilize, precipitation, clogging of filters and consequent reduction in treatment efficacy are often due to suboptimal water pH.
Most Italian spring waters are characterized by high carbonate levels and pH levels above 7, particularly during the summer months. Under these conditions, not only are solubility or miscibility problems veri cated, but alkaline hydrolysis phenomena are activated, leading to a rapid loss of activity of the products used.
To bring the pH back under control, it is advisable to neutralize the solution with CORRECTOR, speci c acids that allow the acidity level to be visually checked thanks to a color indicator associated with the pH. It is then recommended to fill the tank with water to about 50-60% of capacity and then introduce Corrector at the indicated doses until an orange/yellow solution is obtained.
Then the pesticides can be introduced while keeping the plant agitator running. It is recommended to add wetting agents first, then introduce microgranule products (WDG, WG, DF) and powders (WP). Then it is the turn of the liquid products, first the uide pastes or concentrated suspensions (SC), then the aqueous emulsions (EW) and finally the concentrated emulsions (EC). Last, any mineral oils are introduced, and the tank is finished to the appropriate level.
It is always advisable to carry out the treatment in the shortest possible time from the time the solution is prepared, the more complex the mixtures used.


Products in water-soluble bags provide greater operator safety and convenience of use.
In fact, the water-soluble bag decomposes upon contact with water and releases its contents without allowing the dispersion of hazardous dust.
In order to ensure perfect solubilization of the bag and its contents, it is necessary to fill the tank to 25-30% capacity, then introduce the water-soluble bags without opening them, taking care to keep the plant agitator running.
After a few minutes, the contents of the bag will have dissolved completely and the remaining water can be added to fill the tank and begin treatment. Water-soluble bag products are miscible with all common crop protection agents. In the case of complex mixtures you can follow the directions given above, always taking care to properly acidify the water.