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Nitrogen organic fertilizer. Fluid mixture of organic nitrogenous fertilizer with activator

Formulazione: liquid
Riferimento alla legge: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Tipo di trattamento: Fertigation, Foliar fertilization
Tipo di fertilizzante: Organic fertilizers - Fluid organic nitrogenous fertilizers
Apple tree, Baby leaf vegetables, Bulb vegetable crops, Cabbages, Cereals, Citrus fruits, Cucurbits, Floral plants, Kiwi-fruit tree, Leaf vegetables, Leguminous crops, Nurseries, Oil crops, Olive tree, Ornamental plants, Pear tree, Potato, Root vegetable crops, Salad, Solanaceous crops, Spinach and similar, Stem vegetable crops, Stone fruits, Strawberry - Fragaria, Sugar beet / Common beet, Sweet corn, Table grape, Wine grape

5 % Nitrogen
  • 5 % Nitrogen organic
24.5 % Carbon organic
14 % Humic extracts

Fluid hydrolysed animal epithelium, Algae extract, humic extracts from Leonardite