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NPK organo-mineral fertilizer (MgO), (SO3) with Boron (B) - Zinc (Zn)

Formulation: granular
Law reference: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Treatment type: Pre-sowing / Pre-transplanting, Pre-sowing fertilization, Top dressing to the soil, Localized application at sowing
Fertilizer type: Organo-mineral fertilizers - Organo-mineral NPK fertilizers
Aromatic herbs, Barley, Bird seed / Bristlegrass, Canarygrass, Cotton, Courgette, Eggplant, Flax, Forage grasses crops, Forage legumionous crops, Hemp / Marijuana, Hop, Knotweed, Large-seed false flax, Lawn and pastures, Maize / Corn, Melon, Mile / Broom corn millet, Mustard, Oilseed rape, Other forage crops, Peanut, Pepper, Potato, Quinoa goosefoot, Rape - Brassica campestris, Rice, Ricinus, Rye, Safflower, Sesame, Sorghum, Soya / Soybean, Spelt, Strawberry - Fragaria, Sugar beet / Common beet, Sunflower, Teff or Tef, Tobacco, Tomato, Triticale, Tritordeum, Watermelon, Wheat, Wild oat

10 % Nitrogen (-)
  • 1 % Nitrogen organic
  • 9 % Nitrogen ammoniacal
9 % Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water
15 % Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in neutral ammonium citrate (-)
7 % Potassium oxide soluble in water (-)
2 % Magnesium oxide (-)
0.7 % Magnesium oxide soluble in water
16 % Sulfur trioxide (-)
8 % Sulfur trioxide soluble in water
0.1 % Boron
0.01 % Zinc
7.5 % Carbon organic (-)
3 % Carbon organic humic and fulvic

Organic components: Humified peat, mixture of organic nitrogenous fertilizers. Mineral components: Mixed nitrogen salts, mixed phosphate salts, NP compound mineral fertilizer, potassium sulphate, potassium chloride. Humification rate (HR): 40%

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