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COLONIZER TR10biosystem

Product with specific action: mycorrhizal inoculant

Formulazione: powder
Riferimento alla legge: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Tipo di trattamento: Localized application at transplanting, Top dressing, Compost integration, Localized application at sowing, Seed
Tipo di fertilizzante: Specific action products - Soil action products
, , , Almond tree, Apricot tree, Avocado, Baby leaf vegetables, Blackcurrant, Bramble / Raspberry / Blackberry, Bulb vegetable crops, Cereals, Cherry-tree / Sweet cherry, Citrus fruits, Cocoa or Chocolate tree, Common guava, Cucurbits, Currant, Dog rose, Floral plants, Forage legumionous crops, Goji, Guayule, Hop, Jujuble tree, Kiwi-fruit tree, Leaf vegetables, Litchi or Lychee, Mango, Medlar-tree, Mulberry, Nutshell fruits, Olive tree, Ornamental plants, Papaya, Passion fruit or Maracuja, Peach tree, Plum tree, Pomegranate tree, Raspberry, Redcurrant, Root vegetable crops, Rowan tree / Mountain ash, Salad, Solanaceous crops, Spinach and similar, Stem vegetable crops, Sunflower, Sweet corn, Table grape, Wine grape

0 Bacteria of the rhizosphere (1 x 105 UFC/g)
40 % Mycorrhizas
0 Trichodermis (1 x 106 UFC/g)