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AZOTOP 30 fertilizer nutrition plants


Nitrogen organico-mineral fertilizer N (SO3) with Zinc (Zn)

Formulation: granular
Law reference: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Treatment type: Foliar fertilization, Top dressing, Pre-sowing / Pre-transplanting, Pre-sowing in rice field, Soil
Fertilizer type: Organo-mineral fertilizers - Organo-mineral nitrogenous fertilizers
, , Baby leaf vegetables, Barley, Bulb vegetable crops, Cabbages, Citrus fruits, Cucurbits, Leaf vegetables, Leguminous crops, Maize / Corn, Nurseries, Nutshell fruits, Olive tree, Ornamental plants, Pome fruit, Potato, Rice, Root vegetable crops, Salad, Small fruits, Solanaceous crops, Sorghum, Soya / Soybean, Spinach and similar, Stem vegetable crops, Stone fruits, Strawberries, Sugar beet / Common beet, Sunflower, Sweet corn, Tobacco, Vine

30 % Nitrogen
  • 1 % Nitrogen organic
  • 6 % Nitrogen ammoniacal
  • 23 % Nitrogen ureic
15 % Sulfur trioxide
  • 7.5 % Sulfur trioxide soluble in water
0.01 % Zinc
7.5 % Carbon organic
2.7 % Carbon organic humic and fulvic

Organic components: Humified peat, mixture of nitrogenous organic fertilizers. Mineral components: Mixed nitrogenous salts. Humification rate (HR): 36%.