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AXIMAG fertilizer nutrition plants


Fertilizer based on secondary elements Magnesium - lignin sulphonate complex

Formulation: water soluble granules
Law reference: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Treatment type: Foliar fertilization
Fertilizer type: Calcium, magnesium or sulphur fertilizers
, Acanthus / Bears breech, African bowstring-hemp, African violet, Agave, Alkanna, Aloe, Alyssum, Anemone / Liverleaf, Anisodontea, Anthurium, Aphelandra squarrosa, Apple tree, Arctoctis, Arum, Aspidistra, Aster, Aster - Aster spp., Astrophytum, Azalea o Rhododendron, Baby leaf vegetables, Bamboo, Banana, Barberry, Barberry - Mahonia, Begonia, Bird of paradise, Black Blueberry, Black hellebore, Blackcurrant, Blue daisy, Bluemink, Bouvardia, Bowerplant, Bramble / Raspberry / Blackberry, Bromeliacee, Broom - Cytisus, Brunfelsia, Buddleia, Bulb flowers, Bulb vegetable crops, Buxus, Cabbages, Cactaceae, Caladium, Calla lily, Calycanthus winter, Camellia, Campanula, Cape marigold, Cape marigold, Carnation, Centaurea cyanus, Centaury, Cereals, China aster, Chinese pear tree, Chinese wisteria, Cineraria, Citrus fruits, Clematis / Leather flower, Clerodendrum trichotomum, Clivia / Kaffir lily, Cocks comb, Coleus, Columbine, Columbine, Common corn cockle, Coneflower, Convolvulus, Cosmea, Cotoneaster, Crocus, Crossandra, Cuban-lily, Cucurbits, Currant, Cyclamen, Dahlia, Daisy / Lawndaisy, Diascia, Diospyros / Persimmon, Dipladenia, Dog rose, Dogwood, Eastern sweetshrub, Echeveria, Eggplant, Elder, Escallonia, Eschscholtzia, Euonymus / Spindle tree, Euphorbia, European heliotrope, False leopard's bane, Fatterbush, Field marigold, Fig tree / Edible, Firethorn, Firewheel, Fleabane, Forage crops, Forget me not, Freesia, Fuchsia, Fumaria formosa, Garden balsam / Spotted snapweed, Gardenia, Garlic mustard, Gaura, Gazania, Gentian, Geranium, Gerbera, Giant reed, Gibraltar candytuft, Gladiolus, Gloxinia, Godetia, Gray-leaf, Gray-leaf euryops, Great bougainvillea, Greater periwinkle, Grevillea, Groundsel/Ragwort, Gumbo, Lady's fingers or Okra, Gypsophila paniculata, Haemanthus spp., Hawthorn, Heather / Heath, Hemerocallis / Daylily, Hibiscus / Rosemallow, Hippeastrum hybridum, Honeysuckle / Italian woodbine, Hop, Hyacinth, Hyacinth, Hydrangea, Iris, Jasmin, Jasmin nightshade, Jujuble tree, Kenaf, Kerria, Kiwi-fruit tree, Lantana, Laurustinus, Lavander - Lavandula spica, Lazzeruolo / Hawthorm, Leaf vegetables, Leguminous crops, Leptospermum, Lilac, Lily, Lily of the incas, Lily of the valley, Lithodora, Lobelia, Loquate, Lotus, Madagascar / Widows thrill, Mallow, Mandevilla amabilis, Mandevilla boliviensis, Manettia, Marigold, McAllister's phlox, Medlar-tree, Mesembriantemum, Mimosa, Monkshood, Mountain daisy, Mulberry, Narcissus / Daffodil, Nemesia - Sunsatia, Nerine, New Guinea impatiens, Northern highbush blueberry, Nutshell fruits, Nymphaea, Oil crops, Oleander, Olive tree, Orchids, Ornamental plants, Ornamentals - Lantana, Ox-eye daisy, Paper flower, Paperplant, Paris daisy, Passion flower, Pear tree, Peony, Peperomia, Pepper, Periwinkle, Petunia, Phacelia, Phlox, Poinsettia, Pomegranate tree, Poppy, Potato, Prickly pear, Pride of Rochester, Primula / Primrose, Privet, Purple foxglove, Pygmyweed, Quince, Quince tree, Ranunculus / Buttercup, Raspberry, Red Blueberry, Redcurrant, Reseda / Mignonette, Rock cress, Rock rose, Rocket larkspur, Root vegetable crops, Rose, Rowan tree / Mountain ash, Salad, Saxifrage, Sealavender, Siberian tea, Slipperwort, Snapdragon, Snowdrop, Solanum bayernenzian, Solanum rantonnetii, Soursop, Spinach and similar, Spiraea, Spleenwort, Star jasmine, Stem vegetable crops, Stock, Stone fruits, Strawberries, Strawberry tree, Strawflower, Sugar beet / Common beet, Swamplily, Sweet corn, Sweet honeysuckle or Italian woodbine, Sweet mock orange, Sweet violet, Sweetpea, Tabasco pepper, Tobacco, Tomato, Tongavine, Tulip, Velvetleaf, Vervain, Vine, Virginia creeper, Wayfaring tree, White lupine, Yarrow, Yucca, Zinnia

8 % Magnesium oxide (-)
8 % Magnesium oxide complexed with ammonium ligninsulfonate (-)


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