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AXIFERT START fertilizer nutrition plants


Fluid NPK organic-mineral fertilizer in suspension with microelements for fertigation with low chlorine content

Formulazione: liquid
Riferimento alla legge: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Tipo di trattamento: Foliar fertilization, Fertigation
Tipo di fertilizzante: Organo-mineral fertilizers - Organo-mineral NPK fertilizers
Aromatic herbs, Cereals, Citrus fruits, Floral plants, Forage crops, Hop, Nutshell fruits, Oil crops, Olive tree, Pome fruit, Potato, Small fruits, Stone fruits, Strawberries, Sugar beet / Common beet, Tobacco, Vegetables, Vine

15 % Nitrogen
  • 14 % Nitrogen ureic
  • 1 % Nitrogen organic
5 % Phosphorus pentoxide soluble in water
5 % Potassium oxide
0.01 % Boron soluble in water
0.02 % Iron chelate
0.02 % Manganese chelate
0.01 % Zinc chelate
3 % Carbon organic

Organic components: Mixture of fluid organic nitrogenous fertilizers Mineral components: Urea, dipotassium phosphate, MAP