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AXIFERT 20 NV fertilizer nutrition plants


Fluid nitrogen organo-mineral fertilizer in suspension with microelements for fertigation


Formulazione: suspension
Riferimento alla legge: National (Italy - D. Lgs. 75/2010)
Tipo di trattamento: Foliar fertilization, Fertigation
Tipo di fertilizzante: Organo-mineral fertilizers - Fluid organo-mineral nitrogenous fertilizers
Aromatic herbs, Cereals, Citrus fruits, Floral plants, Forage crops, Forest trees, Hop, Nutshell fruits, Oil crops, Olive tree, Pome fruit, Potato, Small fruits, Stone fruits, Strawberries, Sugar beet / Common beet, Tobacco, Vegetables, Vine

20 % Nitrogen
  • 5 % Nitrogen ammoniacal
  • 0.6 % Nitrogen organic
  • 9.4 % Nitrogen ureic
  • 5 % Nitrogen nitric
0.02 % Iron soluble in water
3 % Carbon organic

Organic components: Mixture of fluid organic nitrogenous fertilizers Mineral components: Ammonium nitrate and urea solution