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AXICaL SCbiosystem

PFC 1(C)(I)(b)(i) liquid inorganica macronutrient fertilizer CaO (30%) - in suspension

Formulazione: concentrated suspension
Riferimento alla legge: EU (Reg. 2019/1009)
Tipo di trattamento: Fertigation, Foliar fertilization, Soil
Tipo di fertilizzante: Straight liquid inorganic macronutrient fertiliser
, Almond tree, Apple tree, Apricot tree, Baby leaf vegetables, Banana, Black Blueberry, Blackcurrant, Bramble / Raspberry / Blackberry, Bulb vegetable crops, Cabbages, Cherry-tree / Sweet cherry, Chinese pear tree, Citrus fruits, Courgette, Cucumber, Currant, Diospyros / Persimmon, Dog rose, Eggplant, Fig tree / Edible, Floral plants, Gumbo, Lady's fingers or Okra, Jujuble tree, Kiwi-fruit tree, Leaf vegetables, Leguminous crops, Loquate, Medlar-tree, Melon, Mulberry, Northern highbush blueberry, Nutshell fruits, Olive tree, Ornamental plants, Peach tree, Pear tree, Pepper, Plum tree, Pomegranate tree, Prickly pear, Pumpkin, Quince tree, Raspberry, Red Blueberry, Redcurrant, Root vegetable crops, Rowan tree / Mountain ash, Salad, Soursop, Spinach and similar, Stem vegetable crops, Strawberry - Fragaria, Strawberry tree, Sweet corn, Sweet honeysuckle or Italian woodbine, Tomato, Vine, Watermelon

30 % Calcium oxide