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Multi-purpose leaf supplements

The absorption of nutrients by leaves is much more effective than through the roots, even if these represent the specialised assimilation organ. This greater nutritional efficiency has two fundamental reasons:

  • there are no losses of assimilability of the fertilising elements of the fertilisers due to negative interferences of the soil, thus overcoming the plant’s impossibility to a root absorption prevented by antagonisms with other nutrients
  • the nutrients immediately reach the first processing organ constituted precisely by the leaf blade, the socalled “METABOLIC FACTORY”.

These characteristics make foliar fertilisation the logical complement to root fertilisation, in particular within the framework of rational fertilisation for an INTEGRATED PRODUCTION. With foliar fertilisation it is possible to supply targeted and precise nutrient supplements which allow crops to best complete their production cycle. By employing SCAM multi-purpose leaf supplements, thanks to their quality, the use of nutrients is obtained within 24-48 hours from the administration and this allows carrying out programmed interventions in certain phenological phases, or providing aid in case of manifest nutritional deficiencies. The contribution of foliar fertilisation is significant and can achieve 10-15% of the macro-nutrient needs and even 100% for micro-nutrients ones. It should be noted that in order to be effective, the foliar fertilisation intervention must comply with two conditionsa minimum quantity (kg/Ha) of product and a suitable wetting of the leaf surface (use the so-called “normal” volumes of water hl / Ha equal to 8 ÷12 hl/Ha). It is also advisable to carry out the treatments during the coolest hours of the day, to use the Wetting agent (Wetting Plus), to acidify the hard waters (Corrector).


SCAM multi-purpose foliar supplements allow achieving the maximum concentration of macro and microelements on the basis of well-defined ratios. In fact, we can define them multi-purpose as thanks to their complete supply of nutrients they perform a multiple nutritional action in harmony with the many nutritional needs of crops. Therefore, through their periodic and programmed use, crops are safeguarded against any nutritional anomalies which could induce plant diseases or metabolic blocks. The formulations are in soluble powder and liquid, to meet all needs.


The main factors of the agricultural success of SCAM multi-purpose leaf supplements are:

  • a perfect and immediate solubility;
  • balanced ratios between the main NPK macro-elements, the result of in-depth studies and experiments;
  • the presence of significant amounts of Magnesium, Sulphur and chelated microelements;
  • the use of bio-stimulating and penetrating agents in the formulation such as to favour the foliar absorption of the nutrients.

The use of these nutritional specialties is therefore guaranteed with all the different equipments and levels of mechanisation available. As proof of their agronomic quality and reliability, SCAM multi-purpose foliar supplements have an unlimited stability of all their primary and secondary characteristics, such as:

  • fast and total action, as the average leaf absorption times are limited to a maximum of 48 hours from the treatment;
  • wide tolerability range and therefore no undesirable side effects on the treated crops, when used at the recommended indications;
  • complete solubility in water even at high concentrations and perfect miscibility with all the various watersoluble fertiliser and pesticides normally used on plants.