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SCAM, a totally Italian reality
in an international context

about us

Scam, an Italian industry that cares for the environment.

With SCAM begins, in Italy, the application of the MINERAL ORGAN fertilizer, today recognized as a practice of absolute agronomic efficacy, particularly attentive to the need of safeguarding the natural environment and preserving soil fertility.

In 1971 the activity was transferred to Modena, in Strada Bellaria 164, where the production of fertilizers was joined by the formulation and packaging of agropharmaceutical products.

In 1987 SCAM markets and introduces in Italy the first insecticide of natural organic origin, highlighting its corporate philosophy of environmental sustainability and consumer protection.

In 2003, SCAM became a joint-stock company, with the participation of prestigious cooperatives in the agro-industrial sector, including the majority shareholder PROGEO SCA, which holds 88% of the share capital.

Today SCAM is a leader in the production of ORGANO MINERAL, at the forefront in the formulation and packaging of agropharmaceuticals, biostimulants and special fertilizers. It is an Italian company projected to the international market.

Scam SpA acquires Choncimer Srl

Scam S.p.A., a leading company that produces and markets Organo-Mineral fertilisers, has acquired Choncimer Srl, a company specialising in organic and special fertilisers for plant nutrition.

Scam S.p.A. has successfully concluded an important extraordinary transaction that will allow it to strengthen its position in a rapidly growing segment, namely, that of organic fertilisers and organic products.

Through this agreement, which was signed a few days ago, Scam S.p.A. will acquire 100% of Choncimer Srl. Established in 1969, the company produces organic and special fertilisers at its production facility in San Severino Marche, in the province of Macerata, and its line of nutritional products is marketed in Italy through its own sales network.

Choncimer Srl was seen as an interesting acquisition that could match the growth ambitions of Scam S.p.A., also for completing the integration process in the organic fertiliser segment, complementing the product range offered by Scam, a market leader in Organo-Mineral products that has set itself challenging growth targets both in Italy and abroad in the field of special nutrition.

Felice Lo Faso, Managing Director of Scam S.p.A., was very pleased with this major step taken by the company in its path towards modernising and relaunching its industrial and commercial operations, a journey that began in 2016. After making several substantial investments aimed at modernising the production lines at its plant in Modena, expanding into new foreign markets, developing and registering new special nutrition formulations, and reorganising internal and external resources, it was high time for Scam S.p.A. to fill a gap in its offering for integrated nutrition. Consequently, this acquisition complements its product range with a product that was previously missing: organic fertiliser.

Felice Lo Faso also added that post-acquisition operations will be carried out by Scam S.p.A. in order to ensure business continuity.

Giovanbattista Chieti, Sole Administrator of Choncimer Srl, expressed his enthusiasm for this transaction, which secures a bright future for his company after 40 years in business marked by achievements and continuous growth. Choncimer Srl believes that Scam S.p.A. has the synergies required to continue its journey of growth, which, nowadays, partly due to the increasingly stringent EU regulations and rapidly changing market, calls for additional efforts to be made in terms of investments and human resources. Mr Chieti also said that he will make sure that Scam S.p.A. will have a smooth transition in order to ensure continuity, as demanded by the new management.

Choncimer Srl is an Italian company that produces fertilisers for crop nutrition in order to support crops at every phenological stage while enriching the soil. It offers an extensive range of products suited to both conventional and organic farming. Its many formulations are manufactured and packaged at its production facility and headquarters in San Severino Marche, in the province of Macerata. You can find more information on Contacts:, (contact person: Francesca Chieti). 

Today SCAM is a totally Italian company, leader in the production of ORGANO MINERAL, at the forefront in the formulation and packaging of agrochemicals, biostimulants and special fertilizers, projected to the international market.

Innovation and development

Our flagship

The laboratory is constantly committed to searching for ideas and prototypes to develop new formulations aimed at increasing production yields and the organoleptic characteristics of the final products.

Scam collaborates with the main experimental centres and university universities to develop an increasingly efficient integrated offer for the protection of the environment and the quality of the products (agronomic efficiency).

The research phase, the quality control and the traceability process are our flagship.



Field test





SECTOR ASSOCIATIONS AND CERTIFICATIONS Safeguarding the territory and the health and safety of workers are absolute priorities for SCAM, as demonstrated by its voluntary participation in the worldwide “Responsible Care” programme since 1994 and the adoption of certifications for Quality-Safety-Environment Management Systems in accordance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS, ISO 10617 and ISO 45001.
The environmental and safety performances achieved by Scam over the years are the result of the convergence of several factors: – technological investments; – management choices; – training of its employees.

RESPONSIBLE CARE: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY “Responsible Care” is the world-wide voluntary program for the promotion of sustainable development in the chemical industry, based on values and behaviours oriented towards safety, health and the environment, within the more general framework of corporate social responsibility. The program was introduced in Italy in 1992 by FEDERCHIMICA, the National Federation of the Chemical Industry, which manages the processing of data from member companies and draws up the annual report.

SCAM pursues a policy of dialogue and clarity in its relations with interested parties and has joined the “Responsible Care” programme, in the awareness that society, environment and economy are inseparable and indispensable elements of an evolved and modern definition of sustainability.

THE INTEGRATED QUALITY, ENVIRONMENTAL AND SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM The path of system certifications began in 1999 with the certification of the quality system according to UNI EN ISO 9002 and the subsequent passage to UNI EN ISO 9001 in 2003. In 2002 SCAM achieved the certification of the Environmental Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001 and in 2004 the Registration according to the EMAS Regulation.

The Safety Management System obtained in 2005 the certification according to UNI 10617 – OHSAS 18001; in November 2020 the transition from OHSAS 18001 to UNI EN ISO 45001 was achieved.

Furthermore, in 2005 Scam received the Certificate of Excellence from Certiquality, in recognition of the effectiveness of its integrated quality, environment and safety management system.

PRODUCT CERTIFICATIONS Scam provides consumers with objective, comparable and credible information on the environmental performance of organo-mineral fertilizers: this is the aim of the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), as an innovative tool.

In order to provide greater simplicity in the recognition of products allowed in organic farming (all.13 dgls 75/2010) SCAM puts the Biosystem logo on the packaging.

SCAM has availed itself of Bioagricert, one of the best known and renowned third-party certification bodies in the sector at national and international level, to verify and certify the suitability of a selected number of products “for use in organic farming” on the basis of a specification approved by IFOAM (International Foundation for Organic Agriculture Movements) and a certification scheme accredited by IOAS (International Organization Agriculture Standard).

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