Water-soluble mineral for fertigation


Fertigation is increasingly becoming popular due to the indisputable advantages from an agronomic stand point, to the increasing innovation in irrigation equipment and to the quality achieved by water-soluble fertilisers. In order to avoid any possible accumulation of nutrients in the soil, an increase in salinity and to induce any phytotoxicity, we recommend carrying out repeated interventions during the crop cycle with a low concentration (1‰) rather than performing just a few with high-level concentrations.
It is good practice to combine soluble powder fertilisers with liquid bio-stimulant and chelating substances in order to increase the effectiveness of the fertirrigation. SCAM water-soluble fertilisers are characterised by the purity of their components, by the accuracy of the formula and of their production process and by the reliability of the packaging used.


SCAM offers a wide range of fertilisers in a soluble powder formulation (IDROCOMPLEX®) that differ in the targeted and designed ratios between the various main nutrients (NPK) in order that they should be specific and versatile for each stage of crop development and requirement. This offer is integrated by a liquid formulation (LINFOR®) based on amino acids with a strong stimulating action of the microbiological activity of the soil. It is particularly effective in combination with traditional water-soluble fertilisers, increasing the crops’ uptake. By using it continuously over time, the risks of salinity accumulation in the ground is reduced.


SCAM water-soluble fertilisers have an unlimited stability of all their primary and secondary characteristics:


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