Root iron chelates


In order to prevent and / or cure iron chlorosis it is essential to resort to the use of products defined as Iron chelates. Iron chelates are special products which derive from the stable union (chelation) of a chelating agent (synthetic organic acid) with Iron. They are characterised according to the type of chelating agent used. In fact, every chelating agent has its own specific features (ability to bind with Iron, photo-degradability, stability) such as to direct it precisely during use. The most used chelating agents are the following: In every case, the type of chelating agent is a necessary condition for defining the potential agronomic quality of a commercial product, but it is not sufficient on its own. In fact, its "purity”, i.e. its chelation ability, is determined during the synthesis phase of the chelate, as occurs for example in the case of Fe-EDDHA, explained below.
Therefore, it is not necessarily possible to assess a comparison of commercial chelates just by reading the type of chelating agent on the labels, but the reliability of the producer is always decisive in order to obtain a chelate with a revitalising efficacy. Working with chelates is a very delicate and important issue for the production result, such as not to allow a speculative approach or leaps in the dark.
The products on the market differ from each other on the basis of their ability to protect the Iron from insolubility or deactivation, which translates into a lower or greater preferential absorption by roots and leaves, favouring its translocation to the lymph of the plants in order to reach all the organs, especially the growing extremities.


SCAM Iron chelates are characterised by the quality and purity of the chelating agent.
The physical aspect of the formulations is also designed to facilitate and make their solubilisation and distribution more effective: in fact, the SCAM offer consists of products in micro-granules and liquids.
The chelating agent EDDHSA used for GEOFER® HS is characterised by a high solubility and revitalising efficacy.




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