Our logo Sustainability

This logo wishes to visually represent and summarise SCAM's commitment within the agro-industrial chain which must increasingly be characterised by concepts of INTEGRATED PRODUCTION and SUSTAINABILITY.

  • Sustainability in being a productive site attentive to the surrounding area
  • Sustainability in the use phase thanks to humified matrix-based organic-mineral fertilisers, which have
    a low environmental impact and are highly effective agronomically, as evidenced by studies and experiments
  • Sustainability for the farmer as he/she will be able to obtain an excellent final agricultural production with high quality-quantity characteristics
  • Sustainability for food industries which transform agricultural products into wine, oil, pasta, sauces, confectionery, etc.
  • Sustainability for the end consumer who will receive foodstuffs featuring high organoleptic and health characteristics
  • SCAM Organic-Mineral fertilisers have slow-release nitrogen as they declare the content in Humic / Fulvic carbon and the Humification rate, as required by regional regulations
  • In addition, SCAM Organic-Mineral fertilisers are the only ones possessing the certified environmental product declaration (EPD).
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