Liquid organic-mineral for fertigation


Fertigation is increasingly used for some types of crops, both to overcome the alterations which may occur due to various causes (insufficient absorption, inadequate distribution, persistent low temperatures, drought, soil compaction, excessively alkaline pH), and to optimise cultivation operations obtaining more homogeneous productions with a superior commercial quality. In this context, the NEWFERSTIM and AXIFERT line, SCAM liquid organic-mineral fertilisers, obtained from highly soluble salts and an organic matrix designed for the purpose, can better rationalise fertirrigation and obtain superior quantity and quality results.
The SCAM liquid organ-mineral lines are differentiated by the organic matrix which is of the vegetable type for AXIFERT and animal for NEWFERSTIM.


As occurs for solid organic-mineral fertilisers, the NEWFERSTIM and AXIFERT line is also mainly characterised by the organic matrix, very rich in amino acids, largely free, with a good supply of organic Nitrogen and a high physical stability. The NEWFERSTIM and AXIFERT line is effective because this liquid organic matrix is able to exert a biostimulating and physiological support activity on the plant, the free amino acids and the peptides are able to form chelates and complexes with salts and metals, naturally and easily assimilated.
The NEWFERSTIM and AXIFERT line linked to the fertirrigation technique represents an optimal way to make the best use of fertilising resources, particularly when thought of with a view to the plant’s sustainability, with or without intensive forcing; this opportunity is not the only one which can be ascribed to the organic matrix. Another important effect is, for example, the activation of specific enzymes; these facilitate the incorporation of nitrogen into proteins, making it possible to rationalise nitrogen fertilisation and to reduce the risk of nitrate accumulation in leaves and fruit.


What advantages do NEWFERSTIM liquid fertilisers gain from having an organic matrix which is very rich in amino acids?


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