Bio stimulants and products with a specific action


Crops are constantly subjected to multiple adverse events (climate, parasites,..) which can decrease the yield or create problems for their development, particularly when cultivated intensively, making the most of the productive potential of the environment and of crops. To avoid these drawbacks, it is possible to intervene on the metabolism of the crops with specific substances with a bio-stimulant and plant nutritional action. These act inside the crops directly on the nutritional and growth mechanisms. A perfect vegetative-productive balance is thus ensured for the crop, avoiding stops and slowdowns in the development or allowing these to be overcome very quickly if already in place. To be effective on plant metabolism, bio-stimulants and plant nutritional products must be composed of natural organic substances, biochemically active, capable of promptly integrating in the vital processes. They must, therefore, act directly as a basis for the production of endogenous enzymes.
The BIO-STIMULATING action is directly exerted on the plant cells which are induced to create an optimal protein synthesis, with a higher production of proteins and vital enzymes. This mechanism is at the base of the PLANT NUTRITIONAL action as it predisposes the crop both directly and indirectly to the best conditions for the absorption of the nutrients and for their targeted use. Depending on the specific uses of these products and on the special and designed dosage of the components in the production process, SCAM offers high performing biostimulant and plant nutritional specialties, with characteristics and contents aimed at their intended use. Bio-stimulants and plant nutritional products can be administered: VIA THE LEAF, they are immediately inserted into the cellular juice, increasing the concentration of the active organic components and growth substances which allow plants to synthesise the enzymes they need and to direct the metabolism. They also have a strong carrier power. VIA THE ROOTS, they act by reactivating the metabolic activity of microorganisms in the soil and by increasing the potential basic fertility. They also carry out an intense chelating activity which promotes the use of the nutrients.


SCAM bio-stimulants and plant nutritional products are particularly effective, since their basic organic natural components are L-amino acids and low molecular weight polypeptides, essential constituents for enzyme synthesis. Their specifically designed composition is completed by the presence of humic acids, extracted from humid peat, leonardite and plant hormones which trigger natural enzyme actions to favour the best and quickest use of amino acids and to increase the enzymatic and vital activity inside the crop tissues. They are all in a liquid formulation so as to be more practical to use.


Their main functions are: These products may be used in the following situations:


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