Scam CompanyScam's members are food production and processing agricultural cooperatives, who operate along the value chain. The company was established in 1951 for the purpose of producing organic-mineral fertilizers for the member cooperatives.

Thanks to pioneering formulas of the very highest quality, Scam soon became Italy's leading manufacturer of granular organic-mineral fertilizers, a position that it still maintains today. Meanwhile, Scam added to its range of products by including different types of fertilizers, biostimulants, fertigation products and phytosanitary products such as herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. 

Scam currently employs about 120 persons and has some 40 agents who deal with sales throughout Italy.
Concerning export, the company has in place agents or partnership agreements with dealers in different countries of Europe, Mediterranean region and other areas of the world.
 Scam plant covers some 148.000 m2 and includes:
  • production lines for granular and liquid fertilizers
  • production line for plant protection products
  • packaging lines
  • storehouses for raw materials and finished products
  • administrative offices and sales departments
On an annual basis, this plant is able to produce about 130.000 tons of fertilizers, 3.000 tons of special fertilizers and nutritional supplements and 7.000 tons of phytosanitary products. Scam produces mainly own-label products, but also acts as a sub-contracted copacker for other Italian and foreign fertilizer manufacturers, some of which possess prestigious brand names.
Scam's turnover amounts to over 50 million euro (in 2011). The company is particularly well known on the international market as a manufacturer of granular organic-mineral fertilizers, of which it possesses exclusive industrial know-how.
 scam vineyard
Scam has obtained the following quality certifications for its processes and products:
  • 1999: UNI EN ISO 9002 certification of the production system for phytosanitary products and foliar fertilizers 
  • 2001: UNI EN ISO 9002 extension of the certification to the production of organic-mineral fertilizers
  • 2002: UNI EN ISO 14001 (No. 4962) certification of the environmental management system 
  • 2003: ISO 9001 (No. 2247) adjustment of the quality system 
  • 2004: EMAS CE 761/01 (No. IT-000201)
  • 2005: UNI 10617 (No. 9166) and OHSAS 18001 (No. 9165) certification for excellence
  • 2007: EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for the organic-mineral fertilizers issued by EPD International System of Stockholm.
Scam is the first and, at the present time, the only fertilizer manufacturer to have obtained EPD certification. One of the “family” of product ecolabels, this guarantees that the information in the environmental declaration provided with the product is true, and complies with specific ISO 14025 and 14040 reference standards. To provide important, substantiated and comparable information about the environmental impact of a product is EPD's goal.  EPD is a collection of environmental data that helps to quantity the value of the potential environmental impact of a product on the basis of its LCA (Life Cycle Assessment). Consult the website for further details.


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